Wednesday, November 9, 2011

halloween around here

 A puppy (what ALL my boys have been their first Halloween)

Harry Potter


 The Mario Brothers

 Our 5 Crazy Boys!

 Pumpkins Pancakes. With real pumpkin, yes we're healthy breakfast eaters! :)

 Our Halloween Dinner. Done on Saturday since the day of always ends up being too hectic.

Jello Worms. Totally messed up the coloring. Oh well. Now I know for next year. 

Spiders in our ice

Goblin Toes

Mummy Dogs and Mummy Pizzaa

 Trey enjoying the candy corn jello

We had a fabulous Halloween and I'm still eating too much candy. On a side note, my camera has totally broken. Like turns on and does NOTHING else, so I'm on the search for a good new one. Which will then motivate me to take better pictures and learn how to edit them to look spectacular. ;) And it must be done soon before I have no pictures of Brock at this age.


Christie said...

Your meal is fabulous, and your kids are all so cute.

Yay for a new camera soon!!!

Barbara Franceschini said...

ohhhh!!! really sweet (and "terrible"!!!) halloween's shots!! *.*

if you want there a photocontest on my can find the "rules" here:

Erin said...

Cute costumes - cute kids! Way to go all out on your Halloween meal! I saw those worms on and just didn't know if I could stomach them....but I'm sure my boys would have gone nuts over them. Maybe next year...

Tara Hendriksen said...

hahaha I LOVE all the pics!! I think you take great ones! The Halloween meal looks sooo fun! We should do a little get together with all the boys and do a fun meal like that when our boys get a little older! :) I think you have the cutest Harry Potter, doggie, mario brothers and superman ever!!

Curtiss & Ginger said...

They all have such cuuuute costumes!!!!!!! I was melting over all of them!!! Soooo cute!!!!! You are such a good mama... I love love all the fun ideas you have! Lucky boys to have you! And I agree with Tara on the get together!! :)