Wednesday, April 11, 2012

easter egg hunt at Thanksgiving Point

I won tickets to Thanksgiving Point's Easter hunt.

We've had a very bad experience at public Easter Egg hunts in the past (picture a mom grabbing an egg that my 2 year old was reaching for) so we've stopped going to them but I figured since people had to pay to get in, it may be a slightly different crowd. 

And it wasn't bad actually. The boys got a bunch of eggs (although apparently Thanksgiving Point doesn't believe in candy in Easter Eggs). They also got to ride a little train thing, play a ton on bouncy houses and do some other games.

However, I would never pay to get in. So that's my recommendation to you. :)

Here's pretty much the only pictures I got - the younger boys looking thru their eggs

my 5 handsome boys

my 5 silly boys

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