Monday, April 16, 2012

happy ONE year

My baby is now one!!
Although according to Peyt, he's still zero. Why? Because he didn't even grow yesterday!

It's so crazy because I thought for sure I'd be SO sad, knowing he is my last. And the truth is, I'm not. Sure, I'm sad, but not any more so than when any of my other boys turned one. Yes, it's sad because the time is going by so fast with ALL my boys, but I'm also loving the thought of being done with the baby stage. (And especially nursing. Woo hoo!!) And I know that 5 boys is a whole lot to take care of and my boys definitely deserve to have more of their mom's attention, instead of hearing 'after I feed the baby' or 'we can't because the baby is/needs [fill in the blank]'. 

But I digress. So here's the real post.

 This was really the first picture I got. 
Really mom? Again?

Fine, I'll give you a couple silly smiles

Can you believe the goofy hat my mom put on me?!

Cake Time

Seriously? What am I supposed to do with this thing that is already starting to lean?

Hmm... tasty.

Two hands!
Definitely ate more than any of my other boys.

Perfect after dessert treat - a good thumb suck.

Yes, I eventually ate something healthy.
 (And for the record, no I don't go around giving my one year old whole apples, but he stole this from Trey and was just way too cute trying to get some tastes.)

Happy Birthday to our perfect little one year old!! 
We're so extremely lucky to have you!!


Linda Hendriksen said...

oh gosh too cute!! i wish i could have made it to his party!! i love that picture at the top! his sweet face is just too precious!

Tara Wengert Hendriksen said...

Awwww!! He ate so much of his cake!!! Hahaha I love it. Wish we could've been there!!!!!!

Tiff, Adam, Lily & Gemma said...

What a handsome little guy! Such cute pictures--Gemma loved looking at them with me. :) I can't believe he's one! And I still can't believe you have 5 kids--I can barely manage 2! You'll have to give me some pointers. I've only got a few months to get my act together before the third one gets here.

Christie said...

He is so cute, and I can't believe he is one either!