Friday, May 18, 2012

life lately

Things around here have been pretty busy with soccer, baseball, school work and everything else the boys and Seth are doing. 
Nothing too exciting or what has seemed blog-worthy, so I thought I'd just share some pictures of life from the past month. 

Signs of 1 o'clock church. Always wants to take his nap right before it's time to go to church. In fact last Sunday, Trey and Brock both fell asleep before church, so I picked them up, buckled them in the van, carried them into the church, laid them on our bench where they both slept the entire sacrament meeting. :)

Loving some black beans for dinner

 This has become a favorite sitting spot for him. I'm not sure what it is about it, but I'll find him here a few times a day. (I've tried to get more pictures but he always gets excited and jumps right up when he sees me with the camera. Guess I've got to figure out my stealth mode.)

Just LOVES playing the piano like his older brothers

Baseball. Cole is obviously paying great attention to the game.
 One of his hits. You can even see the ball between him and Coach Seth ;)

While "watching" a baseball game, Trey said "Hey mom, take a picture of me doing this." He is getting so big and talking like a regular big boy. Crazy!!

 Cole playing soccer. He's the one with the ball. :)

Peyton playing soccer. 

Brock "watching" soccer. Sometimes I feel like it's totally pointless for me to go to any of the older boys' games because I'm constantly chasing this little guy who does NOT want to sit still (and often Trey). But then I realize the boys love the support, even if they don't know that I hardly get to look up at them. So we continue to go and "watch" their games.

I haven't been able to get a picture of Easton playing soccer or baseball yet. Yikes. Better get on that!

A few weeks ago one of my very good friends' husband passed away. He had been suffering from seizures for a while, but this was still a complete shock. His oldest son is Cole's best friend and he has a daughter Peyton's age and another son Brock's age. So heartbreaking. So far, I've been very lucky and not had anyone close to me die, so this was very surreal. (I had just seen him the day before driving home!) I was so nervous to go see my friend for the first time after finding it all out. But she was so incredibly amazing and strong. What an amazing blessing we have with our knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and the gospel. The whole experience also made me try so much harder to cherish and enjoy every moment with my boys. I've told myself I can no longer tell them "Not now, I'm cleaning." I know I won't ever regret not having a cleaner house. So my house may be messier than ever, but it's SO worth it.
These are some pictures of decorating the their house and our whole street for the family


Christie said...

Cute pictures, Dezi!

That is so sad about your friend's hubby. Dillon's cousin's husband just died recently of a heart attack unexpectedly at the age of 47, and it was the same thing--I've never had anyone close die, he was just closer than anyone else I knew. It's such an eye opener, and although they still believe in the gospel, it was the hardest thing I've ever watched in my life when we were in with family while they said a prayer and closed the casket. So sad. But yes, thankfully we believe what we believe!

Tara Hendriksen said...

Oh sad!!!! Death is so hard but what other event in life makes us wake up and realize our priorities, I guess?? Geez, it's hard :( I hope their family is okay and will pull through.
I do love all the pictures of the boys playing sports!! So fun!! We NEED to make a Sat trip up there and see a bunch of them. I think we spent more time at the park during spring/summer time than we did at home growing up- especially when we ALL were in ALL the sports that ever existed (it seemed like). I have sooooo many memories there, makes me smile. Can't wait for Ty and Levi to start playing and then I can "watch" their games too. :) You are such a good mom for supporting them, as always.