Friday, February 19, 2010

Things We Love This Week

A long time ago I had been doing "Things We Love This Week" and don't know why I stopped, so I'm starting it again. We'll see how long it lasts this time. :)

Steak and crab. If Seth could only have one food for the rest of his life, it would be crab, but unfortunately for him, it is not cheap. We did have it for our Valentine's dinner with the boys and he definitely loved it!

Having a baby to cuddle and make laugh. I can't get enough of my perfect little baby.

Sliding down the stairs. One day he grabbed my lap desk and slid down the stairs and now does it all the time. He also tried sliding down on a diaper box but one day he suddenly remembered the sled we have and now uses that.

Learning magic. I taught him a card magic trick the other day and he loves doing it over and over on me. Maybe some day he'll be able to do it without telling all the secrets out loud as he's doing it.

Copying his big brothers. The other morning he asked me for some apple juice. After I told him he could have some he exclaimed "Yes! I knew it!" (Obviously a phrase he's heard his brothers use.) And when he asks me if he can play the Wii, he says "Please! I'll let Cole play." (Something he's definitely heard Easton use to try and convince me to let him play.)

Moving all over the place. He loves rolling, scooting and getting up on his hands and knees. It is so fun to see, the other boys get especially excited- "Look mom! Trey was sitting over there and now he's over here on his belly!" (This video isn't particularly exciting, it's mostly for an aunt who lives far, far away. :)


Christie said...

How cute. Look at you and all your cute boys:). I love it!

Curtiss & Ginger said...

OHHHHH...I LOVE this post!!! hahaha... that video of him flying down the stairs made Curtiss and I crack up! ohhh and I love that Peyt "let Cole play with him"! hahahah... Cutest boys EVER!!

ps. Curtiss and I want to plan a CRAB night with you guys!! We have never had it, so it would be way fun! Oh and we will just have to make an especially yummy dessert encase we dont love it. lol

AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

Oooh I love crab too!! And thanks for the reminder. I'll need to do this for us as well! Maybe we can tag team each other as reminders :)


Vannessa said...

Soo cute!! I loved this so much! Your boys are too big! They need to slow down! MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!