Friday, February 26, 2010

things we love this week

Seth: Being in Young Mens. It seriously took being with them once to come home and tell me "These are the greatest boys ever!"

Dezi: Seth. He works so extremely hard for us and makes it possible for me to stay home with our boys. (Not that I don't love him every other week too, I've just been feeling pretty dang lucky lately and realized how much I take him for granted.)

Easton: Reading. It's such a beautiful thing to go and check on the boys and see them sitting all squished together, listening to Easton read.

Cole: Puzzles. Not only can he sit and do puzzles forever but he can do puzzles that I don't think he should be able to.

Peyton: Bubble gum. No explanation needed. Luckily he's a lot better at keeping it in his mouth than the older two were at this age. One morning Seth woke up stuck to the pillow because of gum from one of the older two (we never found out who). I still laugh when I remember him saying "I'm stuck!!"
P.S. Peanut butter works great at getting gum out of hair and off pillowcases.

Trey: Brothers. No one can make him laugh as hard as his brothers can.

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AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

I can't wait for the day when I see my kids huddled together reading. You must just LOVE to see that.