Thursday, April 8, 2010

things we love this week

Seth- Work. :) He is having an awesome month at work. For the month he's currently the top 4th salesman in the entire company and I'm so proud.

Dezi- Warm weather. I bought a pedometer a while ago, hoping to walk 10,000 steps a day but have been very disappointed as I've learned my daily average is about 5000. However, this week for the first time I walked more than 10,000 steps. Yay me! ;) And it was all because it was nice enough to go to the park and walk while the boys played.

Easton- Spring Break. Last Sunday thinking he wouldn't remember about Spring Break, I told Easton he didn't have school the next day, to which he yelled "I don't have school all week!" He's enjoyed not having to get up and dressed right away, as well as playing with friends he normally doesn't get to play with since they have afternoon kindergarten.

Cole- Knowing he'll be going to kindergarten this fall. After keeping Easton back, we decided we'd hold all the boys back since they have summer birthdays, but after many conversations this past week, we have changed our minds. I asked Cole if he wanted to go to kindergarten and he got so excited and the next morning he woke up and told me he needed to get ready with Easton so he could go to school.

Peyton- His boys. He always calls Easton and Cole "my boys". He'll ask me many times throughout the day, "Mom, where are my boys?"

Trey- Crawling. He's been doing the army crawl and scooting for a while now, but just in the past two days has gotten very fast.

Here's some pictures from Easter


Christie said...

I love how Peyton asks for his boys. That is super cute!

TJ Hendriksen said...

Oh man! Your boys are too funny! That is crazy to think that Cole is old enough now to go to school!

Vannessa said...

HOW CUTE!! Peyt is so funny! And that's so cute about Cole being so excited! Fun for all of them to get to be lazy together in the morning! I love all the pictures of Trey, he's so so cute!! And good job on walking so much! And to Seth good job at work, that's awesome!

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Letherton said...

cute pictures

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