Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trey's nine month pictures

I won a mini photography session from Photo By Emile. It was her Easter Shoot and it also happened to be on the exact day Trey was nine months. Yay! Isn't he adorable? ;) The bunny is real but obviously Trey is too young to actually hold it, although he did try poking it a couple times.


Christie said...

How cute! I'm loving the color of that chair. Is that a real bunny? What a cutie pie:).

AngiDe said...

OH my sweater vest!!! Seriously he is some cute stuff :0)
How nice to win a photo shoot... I'm guessing you had to pay for the prints and stuff huh? Either way he's a cutie!


Tara Wengert Hendriksen said...

Aww!! I love those pictures!!! He's so cute!! And that's pretty awesome you won them- I should've guessed! :)