Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the arrival of Brock

My due date was Monday April 11th. That day came and went with no excitement or contractions - unless I was walking briskly. But as soon as I stopped walking, the contractions stopped.

I was trying to hard to be patient because I really disliked being induced with Peyton. With Cole and Trey, I was in the hospital less than 2 hours before having them. With Peyton it was more like 7 hours. I was stuck in bed, could only 'eat' ice and suckers, couldn't get up to go to the restroom. I pretty much call it torture.

But after my due date came and went, I couldn't be patient any longer. I called to schedule the induction and apparently it is very busy season and the best they could go was put me on the waiting list for Thursday. That actually was alright with me because I thought that Brock would decide to arrive on his own before then. But no, he proved me wrong.

The hospital called Wednesday night to say that they'd be calling me anytime between 10 and 2 on Thursday so to eat a small breakfast and just wait. Seth stayed home from work because the nurse sounded confident we'd get in during that time. They didn't call til 3. So pretty much a full day of torture.

They finally started the pitocin and broke my water around 4:30. Absolutely nothing was happening. I arrived at the hospital already dialated to a 3 and by 9 that night I was a 4.

Seth was finally remembering why I kept telling him I didn't want to be induced.

Eventually, and with just one push, Brock was born.

At 11:49 p.m. on April 14th. (Just barely avoided having to share his birthday with Tax Day.) He was 7 lbs 11 oz. 20.5 inches.

One thing that I thought was really cool was Skin-to-Skin contact right after birth. I had never heard of that before. They put him on my chest right after he was born and it was amazing. He just kind of melted on me. :) But I did start to get worried because he wasn't crying or anything. A nurse was right by him the whole time and didn't seem concerned but I thought maybe he wasn't breathing or something because don't all babies scream and cry right after birth? But as soon as they took him off of me, the crying began. It was actually pretty cool.

Definitely not a cute picture but I still had to include it. Makes me laugh.

 It took Trey a few days to even acknowledge Brock.

My Basketball Team!
See? Trey is only interested in the stuffed animal he picked out for Brock.

Waiting in the hospital for dad and brothers to come pick us up

First car ride

 At home with dad

So far Brock has been by far our best baby! His first night home he went 5 hours between feedings! (I still woke up plenty of times to check on him but I was not about to wake a sleeping baby - something I totally did with Easton. Call me crazy.) Although he has yet to go that long again, he still is sleeping so good. He wakes, eats and goes back to sleep.

We are all so in love with this perfect little boy!


Christie @ A Lemon Squeezy Home said...

Ah, how sweet. I love birth stories so much. I'm glad everything went well and that you got to do the skin to skin contact! He just knew his mommy:). I'm excited to come see you! I'll email you:). Love you Dezi, and great job you guys on making cute kids!

AngiDe said...

CONGRAT'S!!! Glad he is finally here and all is well. I can't believe you have 5 boys! Wow!!! you go girl :0)


Brittney & Morgan said...

Congratulations!! He is so cute! I cant believe you have FIVE boys! Crazy!

Brittney & Morgan said...

That is funny! I didn't notice that Angie had said the same thing...oops!

jlthomas said...

Congratulations! He is adorable and the one-eyed picture is hilarious! all your boys are adorable by the way.

Erin said...

Congrats Allens! He looks so perfect and I'm glad to hear he's such a good baby. I can't believe you have an entire basketball team! That was Ben's plan for our family when we first got married.

Tiff, Adam, Lily & Gemma said...

Way to go Dez! I've been checking every day to see if you've updated your blog! :) I was freaked out about getting induced with Gemma because of all the reasons you listed, but thankfully it went pretty quickly. I'm glad he's here. He looks like your other boys. Although, I must say in the last picture where Seth is holding him, I think he looks like you. Congratulations!

Curtiss & Ginger said...

I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!