Thursday, April 7, 2011


My due date is less than 4 days away and.... nothing seems to be happening. UGH! I guess I just must be too comfortable inside because none (except Cole) have come more than 2 days early. What stinkers! I keep thinking if I plan something specific to do, the baby will decide to come and ruin my plans - cause isn't that what babies are good at. ;)

Friday we went to a hockey game. Carrying Peyton for a little while gave me painful contractions but I just couldn't carry him that long to keep it up.

Saturday I went on a date with Cole to see Riverdance. It surprised me how much I enjoyed it. And Cole did too. Although after the first performance (of like 20!), I asked him how he liked it and he said "It was cool. The guy in the white was my favorite!" I said, "Cool. He'll probably be in a lot more of them." To which he responded "What!? It's not over?" :)

Monday I met one of my best friends and her kids for lunch and to pick out fabric for her to make me a bag. (Which I'm so excited about! :) She is an amazing sewer (or is it seamstress?), crafter, blogger, friend, mom, and example. And it was so fun to see her!!

Tuesday Seth and I went to the temple and did sealings. So glad the baby decided to at least wait for that. It was an amazing experience.

Wednesday the boys and I took a tour of a candy factory. It wasn't quite as kid friendly as I was anticipating - I don't think the boys listened to a word the tour guide said or even realized she was talking. However, they were still very interested in all the machinery and candy samples :), very well behaved and looked so dang cute in the hair nets. ;) You can't take cameras inside the tour and you throw away the hair nets at the end of the tour so I couldn't take a picture. But to give you an idea- Cole told Easton he looked like Rumplestiltskin and Easton told Cole he looked like George Washington. So just envision that. :)

We also did a lot of cleaning, so if this baby wants to come home to a clean house he better come quick! I also finally got out the baby clothes and washed and put them away. As well as his car seat. I am definitely ready for this little guy to come!

Today I am going to vacuum the van, play games then watch a movie with the boys (at home, because I'm sure I'll fall asleep) and make some Easter or Spring decorations. 

So there's an update on my waiting game... I'd appreciate any good baby vibes you could send my way. :) 


Christie @ A Lemon Squeezy Home said...

Good luck Dezi!!! You are an amazing mom and such a great example to me as well--thanks so much for the sweet words:). I got sick yesterday but I'm feeling better today so hopefully you're bag will be finished this weekend!

Curtiss & Ginger said...

hahah...Rumplestiltskin and George Washington! LOL. That's hilarious! Well I am sending all the good vibes your way!! I can't wait to meet the new lil man!! :) :) YAY!!

Tiff, Adam, Lily & Gemma said...

Dez, I can't believe your due date is so near!! I couldn't remember when it was, so that's exciting! I can't wait to see your next blog update! :)