Monday, July 27, 2009

Just wanted to share...

Even though I've recently become obsessed with entering (and winning!) giveaways and contests online, I've refrained from posting anything on the blog because I didn't want to be annoying. But I decided I did want to share this one thing because it's super easy and something everyone can earn. (Feel free to close this page now and I won't be offended at all. :)

I learned about SwagBucks a while ago and have been trying it out to make sure I knew what I was talking about before telling anyone else about it. So I can tell you it is for real, it's not some silly scam that won't really work and it is super easy. It's really this simple-

Earn free stuff just by searching online!!

Swagbucks is basically a search engine just like Yahoo or Google where when you search for something you have a chance to win “swagbucks” (points) to use towards prizes. You will not win swagbucks every time but you will win often. They offer tons of different prizes, at different point levels. I personally think I'm just going to use mine for gift cards. (Right now I actually have enough to get a gift card, but have decided to just hold on to them for a while to see if I find something more enticing than or if a prize I want goes on 'sale'.

Personally, we just made swagbucks our homepage and use it every time we're searching online. I will even use it instead of typing in a website just so I can earn more points. Like if I was going to go to Target's website, instead of typing in at the top (don't I sound so technically savvy?), I would seach for target on and then click the link to get to Target. It does maybe take a tiny bit longer, but for me it has been worth it.

Anyways, so there you go. Try it out or don't. I just wanted to let you know in case you hadn't heard about it.

Search & Win


Lindhardts said...

HI- I havent ever done the contests on PYP but maybe I should give it a shot. First of all I have to say that you have such CUTE CUTE boys. Congrats on the new addition. You looked beautiful even right after giving birth- not all of us are that blessed =). Anyway this RR track is up here in Preston ID. I would maybe call and find out if the RR station near you could tell you which track isnt used alot and what the speeds are. This one that I used isnt used too much. There is one in Logan also that is not used too much and if it is they only go 15 MPH. If your close I would love to do pics for you.=)

Christie said...

Oh, awesome. I've heard of it, but never looked into it, so thanks for explaining it better for us all! I'm totally gonna try that!