Friday, July 31, 2009


Easton did this all on his own and when he saw that I was looking at it, he said "That's for just in case someone doesn't know where the bathroom is." (Yes, that is the bathroom door on the right. Hopefully no one gets lost on the way.)

Who needs a stuffed animal?

Conversation at dinner last night:

Easton: Mom, I think even when I'm ten I'll remember I don't want to get married. I'll always remember that.
Me: Okay.
Cole: Mom, do I have to get married?
Me: Not if you don't want to.
Cole: Good. Cause I never want to get married.
Easton: Yeah. You and me will never get married, so we'll be brothers forever. We can live together. And move out together. Huh mom? We'll have to move out when we're older.
Me: Yep. Someday you'll have to move out.
Easton: That will make me sad. Oh wait! Can we take the Wii when we move out?
Me: I guess you probably can.
Easton: Yes! Then we can play the Wii whenever we want!
Cole: YES!!
I'm okay with a 4 and 5 year old thinking a Wii is just about the coolest thing in the world. Their feelings just better change when they reach the marrying age.

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Curtiss & Ginger said...

ohhhh my gosh! This is why I miss you guys sooooo much!!! hahahahah..... they are sooooooooo dang cute! I remember saying that I never wanted to get married either...i said that until I was like 16. hahahaa.....oh my gosh the restroom thing is sooo cute! Did he spell that on his own? I cant believe he is starting kindergarten. yikes!

Tara Wengert said...

hahaha!!!! they are soooo cute!!!! But tell Coley that I'm waiting for him to hurry and grow up- the only reason I married TJ was to get to him! :) We'll have to tease them about this when they turn 16! :)

TJ Hendriksen said...

Ha ha!! This is SOO funny!! Can they come over to play?

Krystyn said...

That picture in the bed with the book is too cute. And, since I don't have boys, I'll just have to enjoy yours saying cute things and thinking the Wii is the best thing ever!