Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Big 3-0!

I can't believe I forgot to do this on your birthday, but I guess that's pretty typical of my posts, I'm always late.
I am so lucky to be married to you! And our boys are just as lucky to have you as their dad! I can't believe you're 30, you hardly look (and act) a day over 25. Thanks for your love, your patience, your hard work, filling our lives with laughter and your friendship. I love you babe!

Guess I need to take more pictures of you with the older boys, especially East. :)


Dillon and Christie said...

Happy B-day Seth!

Tiff, Adam and Lily said...

What fun pictures--I love the one of Peyton standing in Seth's hand! Ha ha! Happy Birthday Seth!

Ben, Beth, and Jonas Quick said...

I love that picture of Seth balancing Peyton. You definitely need to put that boy in the circus or gymnastics. Talk about some skill!