Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm finally doing a tag...

So I've been tagged before, but when I don't immediately do it, I forget about it. It's not that I'm being rude or ignoring the tag, I'm just forgetful. But for some reason I didn't forget about this one... I was supposed to take 10 random pictures in my house, so here they are...This is Easton showing off his two missing teeth. He had to get the second tooth pulled on Monday (not because of cavities or any fault of my own, but I'll spare you the gross details). He will probably be without his two front teeth for 2 years! (I realize he looks a little funny, but it was hard for him to smile big enough to show the gap.)

This is what Peyton was doing while I was wandering my house looking for something at least a little interesting about me. I love pictures of sleeping babies!

This is what Easton and Cole were doing when they should have been picking up toys.
These are the lion cupcakes we made at preschool today. These are Cole's (Easton had already eaten his) pretty good for a 3-year-old, huh?
This is one wall of the preschool room I've started setting up in my basement. This is my first year trying to run a preschool and most of the reason things have been so hectic around here.
This is a rebate check I got in the mail today! I love free money, even if it comes from beer companies. I say, "Hey, if I don't take their beer money, that will just leave more money for them to make beer." ;) Don't worry, no beer had to be purchased to get the rebate.

These are 3 pictures of the wall I recently "decorated". Compared to how most of you decorate, this is pretty lame, but I'm still proud of it, mostly just cause I finally did something decorative. I painted the wall all by myself one night when Seth was at Youth Conference, and then put the rest of the stuff together, but I will give Seth the credit he deserves for hanging things on the wall. Don't they look so level?
These are my two storage areas that I finally organized! One for food and the other for toiletries/paper products. Now I can finally see everything I have, instead of having to dig through bags piled on top of each other on the basement floor.

I tag anyone who actually made it to the bottom of this!! I think this is fun to see things that people wouldn't normally blog about.


Brittney said...

Good Job on the pictures Dez... I am so proud of your food storage. And also good job on painting the wall. That is very ambitious of you. Are your kids your only students or do you have more?

The Allen Family said...

Thanks Brit. I have 2 other students. It was one of their parents that kind of asked me if I would do a preschool, and since I had thought of it before, I decided that was motivation enough. :)