Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy April Fool's!

I've never been big on April Fool's Day, but for some reason this year I did quite a few things and they were super fun!

The boys started the day off having french fries and ketchup for breakfast. They didn't quite fall for the "french fries" (which were breadstick dough cut up to the small size, with sugar sprinkled on top) but they really thought I was having them dip it in ketchup. I was surprised they dared try (but I guess I shouldn't be since they love ketchup on just about anything). The ketchup was strawberry jam without the seeds.

Cole doesn't like jam, so he didn't like the "ketchup" but loved the french fries. He's the only one dressed because he has become very good at sleeping in. :) So by the time he got up, the other two were already dressed and ready for the day.

Easton and Peyton loved the breakfast!

The sushi I made for preschool snack time. The kids were SO grossed out when I told them we were having sushi (after earlier explaining to them what was in sushi :). They even started to plug their noses before I served it. It was very cute. And of course they loved it.

For dinner we had spaghetti and meatballs with my awesome friend Amy and her super cute kids.

And for dessert we had spaghetti and meatballs. They were fun to make and actually very easy. Some of the kids even thought they were real noodles on top of the cupcakes! (The noodles are frosting, the sauce is strawberry syrup and the meatballs are Whoppers.)

No sauce on Cole's cupcake, just how he likes his spaghetti.

Easton LOVED them and told me "We have got to make those tomorrow!"


Hurst said...

How fun! And so creative. My kids would love that!

Brittney said...

You are so creative! I cant wait to do fun things like that! You will need to give me some notice though so I can copy all of your ideas! :)