Sunday, August 30, 2009

Easton's Mario Party 6

I can't believe Easton is 6! How in the world did that happen? He is such a funny and sweet boy. He loves laughing! He is also so loving and smart. He is always offering to read books to his brothers, which they just love. He is such a great example to his younger brothers and parents. We couldn't have asked for a better son and brother. We love you East the Beast!

Birthday BreakfastEaston decided he wanted a Super Mario Party theme. I searched a few different stores for anything Mario but couldn't find a single thing. I think it ended up being super fun anyways. They played different 'Mini Games' to win coins and then got to turn their coins in for candy. It was absolutely exhausting but totally worth it. Even with Seth home to help it was exhausting. Thank goodness I decided to do it on a Saturday, I could never have done it without him.

Popping balloons to find coins inside. It was hilarious to see the kids try to pop them in so many different ways, especially when it didn't work. ;)
We had garbage bags of these balls that we dumped on top of them (which was really fun for me and them :) and then they had to gather the balls to have ready to knock the bad guys over when it was their turn. I wish I could have gotten a picture of dumping the balls on them, they were all seriously LOVING it - but Seth was out picking up the pizza - their expressions would have been awesome.
Showing off the balls they gathered. I love this picture because of Peyton's gigantic smile. He was seriously loving everything we did. It was adorable.
Throwing balls to knock over the bad guys. Easton said this was his favorite game and all the kids seemed to really love it. But I guess when you have permission to throw balls in the house and try and knock things over, it would be impossible not to love.
The chain chomp pinata (originally a soccer ball :)
When we put the blindfold on him, he was so concerned he was going to hit someone, or maybe that was just his excuse to try to get us to take the blindfold off
The amazing Mario cake that my sister Vannessa made! She even made the Mario guy! All without any lesson, class or instruction. So impressive!


AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

What a fun party!!! And I love his hair in the first pic! So chic ;)


Amy said...

WWOOOWWW!! I know my kids said it was fun, but that is even more amazing than I realized.

Curtiss & Ginger said...

I wish I was invited!!!!! I dont remember us ever having parties that big when we were turning 6. Geez, we got jipped. You are such a good, creative mom! Your boys are LUCKY! Oh and Bone did so AMAZING on the cake! I cant believe how good she is at them. Wow. She needs to sale them and make some mula!

Hurst said...

Yea! Happy Birthday Easton!