Friday, August 7, 2009

My Three

I was tagged by my adorable sister, so here goes nothing.

Three Names I Go By:
1. Mom
2. Dez
3. Babe :)

Three Jobs I've had in My Life
1. early morning custodian (like 4 a.m. early)
2. working in the MTC kitchen
3. Hallmark Girl

Three Places I've Lived
1. South Jordan
2. Provo
3. Layton

Three Favorite Drinks
1. Water
2. Strawberry Lemonade
3. Orange Juice

Three TV Shows I Watch
1. Wipeout
2. The Amazing Race
3. Ugly Betty

Three Places I Have Been
1. Colombia
2. Nauvoo
3. Georgia

Three People that Text Me Regularly
1. Seth
2. my siblings
3. Amy

Three of My Favorite Foods
1. fruit!
2. chocolate
3. homemade bread

Three Things I am Looking Forward to
1. having a finished backyard
2. Fall
3. Trey being able to sleep at night

Three of My Favorite Clothing Items
1. i honestly don't have even one...

Three Places I Would Like to Go
1. Hawaii
2. a cruise
3. Disneyworld

Three Things That Make me Cry
1. (this almost made me cry, but I held back the tears) Leaving Easton alone at the Classic Fun Center for a birthday party (my baby isn't big enough for this, is he?)
2. can't really think of anything that makes me cry and don't really want to

Three Things That Make me Angry
1. bad drivers
2. I'm sure there's others... just can't think of them

Three Perfect Dates
1. one with no kids
2. one where we leave the house
3. going to an amusement park

1 comment:

Curtiss & Ginger said...

haha... I bet you miss that custodian job! Do your boys watch wipe out with you??? hahaha....

oh and PS. I am an even bigger baby! They are not even my boys and when I got your text about East starting Kindergarten, I was telling Curtiss later that night and I started to cry too!! ahhhh...hahaha.... great, I'm doomed when I have my own kids. Although, there is no guarantee they will be as cute as yours!! :)