Friday, August 7, 2009

Team Batman #4

Earlier this week we went school shopping for Easton. (I know! I can't believe he's almost starting Kindergarten either!) Before we went shopping I had decided I would also get the other boys one thing - thanks to an amazing coupon I won (yes, I won $75 off $100!). Easton had seen the superhero shirts at Old Navy before and asked for one but I didn't let him get one then. This time I told him he could pick one out. So of course Cole asked if he could have a Batman shirt after Easton picked one out. The minute Peyton saw them he started saying "Batman shirt? Batman shirt?" So we grabbed one for him as well and went to look at other things. Suddenly it hit me that I have 4 boys and there's no way I could only get 3 of them Batman shirts. And there you have it, the reason I now have a Batman Team.


Christie said...

They look SO cute in their new shirts.

Curtiss & Ginger said...

THEY ARE SOOOOO HANDSOME!!!! I cant wait to see them!!!!!

~Bobbi~ said...

Love the shirts!